Artist Statement

The In Theory Art Collective brings together artists, engineers, and builders to co-create astonishing and immersive sculptures and installations. Their flagship sculptures deploy steel structures to compose recognizable symbols (e.g. star, heart, tear drop). These symbols are blanketed in geometric forms, often in dichroic materials that deliver shifting iridescence, and a sense of awe and wonder. Their installations build on this approach to draw the audience into immersive narratives by blending in found objects, written narrative, and LED art. Thematically, their work draws attention to our humanity and the potential thereof, both in terms of the social and the environmental: our relationships to ourselves, to each other, and to the planet.

The In Theory Art Collective forefronts environmental sustainability in their process, using upcycled materials and powering with solar. Bred in the Burning Man tradition of large-scale, interactive art, they are inspired to create works that transport audiences out of their day-to-day lives and into a space of inspiration and introspection. While they are led by artist Emily Nicolosi, they also build on the Burning-Man inspired process of collective art making. They are excited about bringing the dynamism and edginess of Burning Man-inspired art into the public view and under the eye of more diverse audiences.