Emily Nicolosi, Lead Artist

A native of New York, Emily is thrilled to be living the dream out west with her husband Ian and their little guy, Ari. A long-time painter, Emily was inspired to turn to sculpture and installation art by her love of burning Man.

Ian Nicolosi, Build Lead

Utah-born Ian is a trained engineer, and master builder. He has spent the greater part of his life building things, from giant stars to curvy strawbale homes. If it can be built, Ian can do it. With his hoddie on.

Steve Wong

A native of california, steve always shows up for his people, with a smile and a red bull. He brings a hard-working drive and repertoire of building skills to the crew.

Lily North

San Francisican Lily loves to untangle things in her personal and professional life. She helps the crew muddle through the most tedious of tasks with brilliance and a laugh.

Support Crew

we are joined by many support crew, on local builds and installations around the country with expertise in many varieties of skills.